What’s the Nutritional Content of Formula 4 Feet?

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formula4feetLaminitis is a common enemy not only among horses but also amongst its owners and caretakers. Considered to be the number one culprit for lameness in equines, it can also result to premature death. But thanks to science and passion, lead experts have come to devise a hoof supplement that will not only battle such condition but will likewise provide care and remedy to unwell and injured hooves. We call it Formula 4 Feet.

A frontrunner and the very first non-GMO hoof supplement that was developed and made available in the market, Formula 4 Feet targets cracked or injured hooves, weak heels, laminitis, foot infections and similar types of conditions and injuries. It is a product of the joint effort Robert Eustace FRCVS, Director of EquiLife Ltd, and Dr. David Frape, the UK’s leading equine nutritionists who have seen the lack of available non-GMO supplements in the equine market.

Formula 4 Feet comes in highly palatable and nutritious pellets. It contains about sixty five nutrients among which are essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that delay certain types of cell damage and degenration. Let’s discuss some of its key nutrients below.

When we say strong feet, we think of strong bones. The supplement is packed with adequate levels of calcium. That’s over 3 grams of calcium apart from its magnesium and phosphorus that are both crucial in bone growth, development and strength. But calcium does not only make the hoof strong and avoid laminitis. It also aids in the regulation of the heart’s rhythm, blood clotting and muscle contraction.

As mentioned, it also contains magnesium. This macro mineral helps in the conversion of food to energy, is a component in building strong skeletal structures and the absorption of calcium in the body as well as avoid glucose intolerance and insulin resistance.

Another main culprit to laminitis is obesity or overindulgence in unhealthy food or excessive meals. To battle it out, omega 3 fatty acids otherwise known as the good cholesterol can help minimize the bad fat in the horse’s body.

There’s vitamin D as well. Formula 4 Feet contains this crucial vitamin that is mostly sourced by exposing the animal under the sun during certain times of the day but may also be found in a select few food and plant sources. It is important in bone growth and enables the efficient metabolism of energy in the body.