What’s the Nutritional Content of Formula 4 Feet?

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formula4feetLaminitis is a common enemy not only among horses but also amongst its owners and caretakers. Considered to be the number one culprit for lameness in equines, it can also result to premature death. But thanks to science and passion, lead experts have come to devise a hoof supplement that will not only battle such condition but will likewise provide care and remedy to unwell and injured hooves. We call it Formula 4 Feet.

A frontrunner and the very first non-GMO hoof supplement that was developed and made available in the market, Formula 4 Feet targets cracked or injured hooves, weak heels, laminitis, foot infections and similar types of conditions and injuries. It is a product of the joint effort Robert Eustace FRCVS, Director of EquiLife Ltd, and Dr. David Frape, the UK’s leading equine nutritionists who have seen the lack of available non-GMO supplements in the equine market.

Formula 4 Feet comes in highly palatable and nutritious pellets. It contains about sixty five nutrients among which are essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that delay certain types of cell damage and degenration. Let’s discuss some of its key nutrients below.

When we say strong feet, we think of strong bones. The supplement is packed with adequate levels of calcium. That’s over 3 grams of calcium apart from its magnesium and phosphorus that are both crucial in bone growth, development and strength. But calcium does not only make the hoof strong and avoid laminitis. It also aids in the regulation of the heart’s rhythm, blood clotting and muscle contraction.

As mentioned, it also contains magnesium. This macro mineral helps in the conversion of food to energy, is a component in building strong skeletal structures and the absorption of calcium in the body as well as avoid glucose intolerance and insulin resistance.

Another main culprit to laminitis is obesity or overindulgence in unhealthy food or excessive meals. To battle it out, omega 3 fatty acids otherwise known as the good cholesterol can help minimize the bad fat in the horse’s body.

There’s vitamin D as well. Formula 4 Feet contains this crucial vitamin that is mostly sourced by exposing the animal under the sun during certain times of the day but may also be found in a select few food and plant sources. It is important in bone growth and enables the efficient metabolism of energy in the body.

The Truth Behind Laminitis

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horse-laminitisLaminitis is considered to be a leading cause of lameness among horses. It’s a condition that must be taken very seriously as it aggravates pretty fast. Today, we shall shed some light and get to know more about it with the help of Formula 4 Feet in the hopes of better providing cure, ensuring care and preventing its occurrence.

What is laminitis?

The condition is defined as the inflammation of the sensitive plates of tissue in the hooves called the laminae thus its name. Such tissue is responsible for supporting the pedal bone and the hoof. In other words, it is crucial in terms of holding in the weight and balance of the horse. It affects all equines regardless of age, gender, bread and season.

What causes it?

There are many reported causes of laminitis. This includes but is not limited to the following.

  • Bacterial infection
  • Cushing’s Disease
  • Hoof injury or accident
  • Obesity and overfeeding
  • Overindulgence in starch and sugar
  • Stress and/or weight bearing
  • Poor hoof care such as lack of regular and proper picking

How to care for horses suffering from it?

A smaller stable is highly recommended as well as comfortable beddings to avoid further stressing the affected hooves. Be sure to provide them with adequate nutrition and water. Don’t have them walking or running too much as they are likely to cause further pain. Be careful when picking too so as not to irritate the inflamed tissue.

Equines that suffer from the said condition must be given immediate medical attention so be sure to call your vet immediately. They should be able to devise a plan on how to go about treatment depending on the gravity of the situation. In most cases, an x-ray shall be requested to see how deep the inflammation has gone.

How can it be prevented?

As the old adage goes, prevention is always better than cure. To prevent laminitis, here are some of the measures that owners must take.

  • Ensure proper and adequate feeding at all costs.
  • Divide their daily requirements into several small portion meals.
  • See to it that they only take what’s necessary to avoid obesity.
  • Hoof care is important so ensure proper trimming, picking and shoeing.
  • Avoid dangerous and difficult terrain.
  • Never let your horse carry so much weight.
  • Make it a point to monitor their overall health.

Now that Formula 4 Feet has helped us understand laminitis better, we hope that you got enough insights to provide better care for your horses.

Why Choose “Formula 4 Feet”?

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formula 4 feet

Choosing the right feeds, nutrients and supplements is one of the most crucial tasks when it comes to taking care of horses. Owners must see to it that they are of tiptop shape and that their hooves, the horny part of their feet, are in good condition. When it comes to excellence in that region, Formula 4 Feet is definitely one of the leading players in the industry today. But what makes it tick? What makes it one of the best?

Formula 4 Feet is one of the United Kingdom’s leading hoof and laminitis supplement developed by the Laminitis Clinic, a distribution arm of EquiLife Ltd. It was developed by Robert Eustace FRCVS, Director of the Laminitis Clinic, in collaboration with Dr. David Frape, the UK’s leading equine nutritionist.

Both professionals have seen the increasing amount of GM-based equine supplements in the market which poses risks both to animals and to the environment. Because of this, they developed and formulated the very first non-GM hoof supplement in the world ensuring the highest of standards, drug free use and a UFAS approval with compliance to ISO 9001 standards.

The product is widely celebrated for packing in 65 nutrients in a single highly palatable pellet that helps ensure optimum health and strong feet for horses. To be specific, it contains 18 amino acids, 16 minerals, 13 vitamins, 4 antioxidants, and essential fatty acids among others.

Formula 4 Feet contains magnesium, phosphorous and calcium which are essential in bone, joint and hoof horn health. There’s also methionine which is a type of amino acid containing natural sulphur and phospholipids which work to help keep infection at bay. It contains zinc that helps correct any growth abnormality in the hoof horn and the skin and Vitamin D for healthy bone development. It also provides the daily required 20mg of biotin for 450 kilogram horses which is a requisite in ensuring continuous hoof improvement. The supplement is free from ingredients of animal or mollusk origin and contains no cereals and no added selenium.

Formula 4 Feet is an effective supplement not only to ensure health in equine care but also as a rehabilitation measure that provides benefits for horses with poor hoof horn quality, cracked hooves, weak heels and those at risk of laminitis, a painful inflammatory condition of the tissues that bond the hoof wall to the pedal bone in a horse’s hooves.

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