Don’t Feed These to Your Horses Says Topspec Experts

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Food isn’t universal. What may be beneficial for one species might not hold true for another. Horses for instance find particular food items toxic giving them a series of discomfort and unwell ranging from an upset stomach to a lethal fever. The following list by Topspec’s team of experts for instance should never be fed to equines.

AVOCADO – Because of its natural content known as “persin”, avocadoes from its roots, leaves, pits, skin and fruit is dangerous to horses. Ingestion leads to a number of health issues such as gastritis, colic, agalactia, mastitis and epithelial necrosis among others.

BROCCOLI – Just because it’s green doesn’t make it safe and healthy, for horses at least. This particular leafy green has the tendency to make the digestive system produce excessive gas as it tries to process the vegetable. Since these animals have a particularly sensitive and limited stomach and intestines, this may lead to abdominal pain or worse case scenario, a rupture.

CABBAGE – Like broccoli which belongs in the same vegetable family, cabbages has the same effect on horses. Make sure that they don’t ingest one.

COFFEE – To humans, a cup of Joe is a delight but to equines it isn’t. The caffeine content may cause abnormal pulses, heightened blood pressure and irregular heart beat which we all know is dangerous and may even lead to a vessel rupture.

CHOCOLATE – Yum! They’re tasty but they will give the animal a bad tummy. Like many other animals, the cocoa content of chocolate may be a cause for digestive issues and when ingested in large amounts may be a cause of abnormal gas production in the gut. At its worse, it may lead to a seizure.

onionsONION – The worst thing that onions can bring is anemia, a blood condition in which there are too few red blood cells or the red blood cells are deficient in hemoglobin thus resulting in poor health. This is because of its N-propyl Disulfide content which is a chemical that can destroy red blood cells in the body.

SODA – Like coffee, soda and other carbonated drinks contain caffeine. They may taste great to them but apart from the risk of circulatory issues, soda also contains high levels of sugar and glucose that might lead to obesity and even a case for laminitis.

There’s more to this list says Topspec experts but the above are perhaps some of the most common items that owners give as meals or treats. Find out more at

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